Become A Partnered Therapist

We’re on a mission to introduce meaningful, authentic and world-class client service. We’re growing our network of therapists throughout Ontario to support and empower the well-being of our expanding client base.

Join Our Team Of Therapists

As we aim to give our clients access to the best level of treatment, we are constantly expanding our team of great therapists. TherapyNow seeks out skilled, enthusiastic, committed therapists who are willing to go above and beyond to meet the requirements of the diverse clients we serve.

We work with therapists on a non-exclusive basis and offer flexible arrangements. By joining TherapyNow, you will be a part of a forward-thinking organization where you can make a difference and contribute to a brighter future.

Why Work With TherapyNow?

Here Are The Benefits


We work on a non-exclusive basis and respect your other commitments. Our software will allow you to provide times when you are available or not, and we will only match potential clients when you are available.

More Time With Your Clients

Because we take care of the intake coordination and other administrative items (such as client marketing, client notifications, rescheduling, billing) you get to spend more time with your clients.

Full-Suite Of Features

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to assist you in many administrative tasks such as scheduling, notifications, and billing. You can launch virtual appointments from the same platform, take notes, and access everything that relates to your client at the tip of your fingers.

Be Part Of A Team

We want to make the world a better place! And we work hard to add value to therapists and clients, and we thrive on making therapy simpler and more accessible for everyone. We listen to feedback from our therapists and consistently seek to improve. We can adapt our workflows and technology to suit your needs. We are affiliated with a large healthcare network that can offer you several benefits, including inbound or outbound referrals, technology and security support.

Privacy & Security

Our platform is secure and in compliance with Canadian privacy laws. Let us deal with the technical aspects while you focus on your clients.

Better Matches, Better Relationships, and Better Revenue

We collect certain information on our clients and our therapists that allow us to make informed decisions when suggesting clients to therapists and therapists to clients. By working with us, you gain access to a large pool of clients that may not otherwise be able to reach out to you. Our care coordinators review client-therapist matching and interview our clients to ensure a successful and long-lasting client-therapist relationship.